CGS Tableshop - Flatware Care

Be sure to review and keep this information on file to protect your investment.

Care of Gold & Rose Gold Flatware:

Gold and Rose Gold flatware is only about 1/20th the thickness of our silver flatware so, with that in mind, you can see why you should treat Gold with special care.

  • Do not wash the gold flatware with any harsh detergent.  Only use detergents that are safe for fine china.
  • Do not use any type of abrasion on the Gold finish.
  • Never burnish gold flatware.
  • Gold should only be washed with soap and water, and hand dried after it comes out of the wash cycle.

Gold is a soft metal, and most of the damage it gets will occur when it is subjected to hot water, which will soften the gold even more.  If the flatware is banged against other gold flatware while hot and soft, it can cause scratching, rubbing of the finish, and even peeling.  You are in one of those situations with gold flatware where you will get good use out of the product if you treat it with tender loving care.  Abuse it, as you might stainless flatware, and it will not stay beautiful very long.

Storing cleaned flatware

Most rental companies store their cleaned flatware in clear plastic bags and seal them air-tight.   This seems to work fine, except the flatware must be absolutely, completely dry.  Any moisture on the flatware has to go somewhere in air-tight bags, so it will rust and pit the knife blades, and also permanently stain the gold plate on the stored flatware.

It is also good to rotate the gold flatware inventory, so that you do not leave some of the flatware a long time without using it, as a small amount of tarnish can become a much larger problem over time.

If you have any questions regarding the care of gold flatware, please feel free to contact CGS at 800-777-0474 or via email at